The origins of UEILA MILANO!

If we have to start from a precise point, I would start talking about the day we met.

It was raining, there was a black cat in the middle of the road and I was about to round the corner on my shiny new bike when…boom! I crashed into Giada.

Sure, I can understand that you sound like the incipit of “Kiss me Licia” but that’s how it happened, I can’t change it.

I get up and like every knight who respects the help (I never understood if in that particular juncture she had insulted me, if only in her mind) but I didn’t see her particularly angry… yet the blow had been considerable, not to mention the rather ridiculous figure that we had done in front of passers-by!

Things get interesting: I apologize and introduce myself and it turns out that we work practically 20 – 25 meters away.
Over time we began to hang out more and more more and we mutually discover that I had already eyed her and vice versa…The bike accident was the deus ex machina that had led us to get engaged and to conceive Lisa (who you can see in Giada’s belly).

After the birth of the baby we decided to create something together also in the work, something that was truly our and that it could be the result of our thinking, our tastes and our irony.

She had begun to embroider, among other things very well, and we started thinking about combining a technique (at the time) very little used in fashion but with a very ancient history and tradition behind it, with everything that could come from the world of pop culture, from everything that could interest and amuse us… quotes from films and songs or idioms of our beloved city, Milan.

This is how our project was born, this is how was born Ueila .