Custom embroidered T-shirts in Milan

Welcome to the section dedicated to custom embroidered t shirts: you will thus be able to wear an exclusive customized t shirt and unique embellished with a hand-made embroidery!

Is it possible to make a t-shirt or a personalized hand-embroidered t-shirt with an embroidery that came to mind?

The answer is: “Probably yes!” custom embroidered t shirts

Please send an email to to allow us to evaluate the possibility of creating the personalized embroidered t-shirt of your dreams.

As for the embroidered t-shirts in our collection, consider (we are referring above all to the female audience) that the fit is unisex, therefore comfortable and not tight.

Please refer to the Table of Sizes to check the fit of the organic cotton t-shirt on our models with the relative size charts.

custom embroidered t shirts: some examples

Some examples of customized t-shirts with embroidery requested by customers:

How much can your custom embroidered t shirts cost?

The answer is: “it depends”.

Given that the personalized embroideries are handmade, the price is directly proportional to the difficulty of the embroidery, if we talk about a writing it is one thing, if we start adding particularly complex designs is another.

Write to studio@ueilamilano. com , so together with the draft we will send you our quote for your custom hand-embroidered t-shirts.